Growth and Development

Aug 4, 2016

2016 has been an amazing year of growth and new partnerships. Reclaim is moving forward to become an industry leader in training.

Partnerships have been forged with C4i and Insignia College. These partnerships mean a greater depth of service to YOU with more professionally trained experts to serve you.

C4i is the Disaster Response Training leader with satisfied clients all over the world. They are currently working in the Philippines and the Caribbean. EDMSIM (Emergency Disaster Management Simulations) customers include the US Army, US National Guard, Canadian Army, NATO, Centers for Disease Control, various State/Provincial governments around the world, Nuclear Power Plants, etc.

EDMSIM is the only solution that provides:

  • Computer simulation-based Emergency Response Plan management system
  • Full integration with all your existing data
  • Proven, secure solution built on military technology that is trusted by NATO, the US Army, the US National Guard, and many other premiere customers
  • Dependable and affordable emergency response plans that are proven to work in all circumstances
  • EDMSIM turns static plans into a fully digitized, managed process that is proven to improve emergency response, decision-making, communications and cooperation during crisis events.


Complete information coming soon!

We are busy making the changes on the behind the scene…

Insignia College and Reclaim have been busy submitting documents and meeting standards set out by PCTIA (Private Career Training Institute) in order to bring you two new college accredited courses. What does this mean for you? It means that these two courses can be offered in your community and you will receive a college accredited certificate and/or diploma.

What are these two courses you ask? Nothing less than a Certificate in Communication and Team Building and a Diploma in Leadership and Training.

With the rising demand for highly trained managers in wilderness and remote settings, this is your solution. A portion of each certification takes place in the wilderness, giving you the qualifications and certifications you need to be the one an employer chooses.

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More partnerships are being forged and you will hear the details soon

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